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Financial services can discover new ways to connect with their customers in the digital world.

Challenges: More and more patients are using online modes for searching for healthcare providers and information about medical treatments than ever before, more so on mobile devices. Research shows that 44% of patients who research hospitals on mobile phones, actually make appointments.

If you run a healthcare or pharmaceutical company, chances are that you are trying to control costs as well as dealing with rapidly changing regulations simultaneously. You need to discover and implement effective measures to increase revenues and build brand image. In other words, you need to get ‘digital’ as soon as you can so as to cater to the changing public interests, habits and demands.

Why Us

Digitant has the industry knowledge and expertise in crafting digital solutions for healthcare, life sciences and research verticals. We have helped healthcare/pharmaceutical/research technology organizations increase traffic on their websites by creating and publishing relevant, useful, and informative content, then converting the visitors to customers by speaking to them in their language.

Today, there is an urgent need for healthcare companies to have responsive websites that can be easily viewed on smaller screens. Digitant has the expertise to create useful, attractive and adaptable websites that perform optimally on all platforms – desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Our content team constantly creates fresh, relevant, and informative content – a must in modern healthcare marketing strategy. Good content results in having the organization found by enquirers and also in converting them to loyal customers.

Additionally, we can increase your search engine ranking and presence on the Web by highly targeted SEO strategy.

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