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Our digital marketing services for B2B companies help you create, nurture, and convert leads for the best returns on your investment.

New software development has given rise to innovative tools and tactics for marketing campaigns – collectively known as MarTech (short for Marketing Technology). At Digitant, we take MarTech very seriously. We know that since many of the MarTech tools are quite new, many companies find it challenging to use them optimally for driving their growth. This is where we are different from other digital marketers. Unlike them, we do not stop at just selling the technology to you.

How it works

When we present our MarTech solutions, we are committed to providing a holistic service, which includes guiding you through end-to-end implementation process and showing you how to maintain the system optimally. We go the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable using and maximizing our solutions.

Our implementation services include the following:

Content Development Services

  • Reselling: We are proud partners of HubSpot and are authorized resellers of their inbound marketing expertise and license.
  • Best Fit Analysis: Using the latest MarTech tools, we carry out data-driven analytics to advise you about the most optimal marketing solutions for your business.
  • Vendor Identification: Based on your needs and keeping cost-effectiveness in mind, we assist you in identifying vendors that will prove to be profitable partners for your business.
  • Implementation Assistance: Our SEO, SEM and data analysis team members implement the recommended solutions and monitor their success rates, tweaking the solutions for maximum benefit, as needed.
  • Content Generation: Depending on your target audience and revenue goals, our content generation team creates, distributes and repurposes various forms of content that exhibits your expertise in your domain.
  • Email Design: We help you design effective emails for marketing campaigns by providing you with tried-and-tested templates and game plans guaranteed for success.
  • Workflow Design: Creating a success-oriented business workflow needs a deep understanding of the business and its strengths and weaknesses. We offer assistance with creating optimally designed workflows for the smooth operation of your enterprise.

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