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Email Marketing Services

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Email can be an easy, yet extremely valuable tool to contact, inform, engage, and retain customers. Email drip campaigns, newsletters and serial emails enrich business communications, target specific readership market, and are cost-effective ways of spreading awareness and persuading customers to buy your product/services.

How it works

Using email marketing best practices, based upon the customer’s persona, we generate unique sets of emails with the purpose of informing and intriguing the reader (prospective customer) so that they want to know more about the products and/or services offered. Time-bound drip campaigns, which are designed to increase awareness, build anticipation, and generate interest in customers, are a critical component of our email marketing services in India and abroad.

Email Services

  • Email Blasts: Sending regular email blasts to a clearly segmented list of potential customers is one of the ways we increase the chances of your customers engaging with your products/services and be encouraged to buy or subscribe to them eventually.
  • Drip Campaigns: We create sets of automated emails to be sent out based on certain timelines or specific events. Drip campaigns are an effective persuasive means to engage the customer or, if already interested, to feed the interest by presenting more offers as part of the campaign.
  • Newsletters: In order to propagate spread information about your company, product or service, periodically sending helpful articles that may be of use to the customer. Such email bulk services help to build trust and loyalty towards your brand.

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