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It’s probably not breaking news that almost all (93%) of online experiences begin with a search activity. But did you know that over 60% of clicks are made to the first five search results? Obviously, it is critical to obtain high search ranking (preferably on the first page) to improve the visibility of your business in organic search results and drive traffic to your business. By incorporating optimized keyword-rich content, our SEO team aims to enable your website to be found by the right people searching for it. Our goal is to get you the highest search ranking possible with the help of the most relevant keywords for your target market.

How it works

We create and optimize the content on your website (web pages, blogs, images) with appropriate keywords, as part of our SEO consulting services. We also prime the website code, site structure, meta tags and other elements to be more search engine–friendly. Finally, by link-building, we ‘link’ your content to similar content across the web, leading to higher hits via search engines.

Content Development Services

  • On-page optimization: There are two core ways how we carry out on-page optimization, which increases the website’s overall SEO efficiency: A) Creating high-quality, keyword-rich content. B) Optimizing the HTML, including title tags, meta descriptions, and subheads and many more.
  • Off-page optimization: We factor in critical components of off-page SEO, such as back-links, page ranks, and bounce rates to ensure optimization of your website. Our expert link-builders help create links that help to drive traffic to your website, where they can be successfully converted to leads.
  • Technical SEO: Factors that affect the technical aspects of a website – page load speed, easily navigable sitemap, how it displays on a mobile screen, and smart site architecture – also need to be optimized because they affect the page ranking in search results.

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