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In today’s world, data is the foundation of every growth story. The secret to a successful digital marketing campaign is robust digital analytics capabilities. Having years of experience as digital analytics consultants, we offer you growth-driven marketing strategies with powerful data analytics at their root

How it works

At Digitant, one of our biggest assets is our ability to generate, analyze, and apply data. We identify important sources of preexistent data, put processes in place to pull new data, and help you recognize the core metrics to analyze. Following a deep analysis of the data, the insights gathered from it are then communicated to you in a way that empowers you for growth-oriented actions.

Content Development Services

  • Funnel Analysis: We analyze the flow of steps visitors take on your website, identify bottlenecks, drop-off points and other issues, and create solutions to fix them for a higher conversion rate, using a powerful digital analytics dashboard.
  • Channel Analysis: We examine the sales and marketing issues affecting different channels of your business and advise implementable actions.
  • Content Analysis: Performing a comprehensive content analysis enables us to spot gaps in content and create a more inclusive and goal-oriented content strategy.
  • Digital Marketing Auditing: A full audit by us gives you a bird’s-eye view of the pros and cons of your existing digital marketing analytics approach.
  • Testing & Optimization: No digital marketing analytics strategy is complete without a full cycle of testing to optimize the strategies adopted for growth.

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