Redefining financial services for customers

Financial services can discover new ways to connect with their customers in the digital world.

Challenges: While most industries are recognizing that digital marketing is the future of marketing in these consumer-dominated times, manufacturing and logistics companies have generally been slower in adopting digital technology than many other enterprises. This might be because of a misguided notion that the customers of these industries do not frequent the digital channels or that digital marketing doesn’t really do much for these industries.


The truth is that inbound (or digital) marketing can be as effective for manufacturing and logistics fields as for others. The trick is to have digital solutions have to be tailored for the specific requirements of these industries.

Why Us

Contrary to common belief, customers of manufacturing and logistics businesses are also going online to find solutions to their problems. If you are part of this field of industry, it is imperative for your business to make the leap to digital marketing.


Digitant has the expertise and know-how to develop marketing master plans for this industry, so that your website generates interest and induces loyalty in your customers, eventually increasing your ROI and brand awareness.


We can help you devise a growth-driven website that focuses on distributing meaningful content (white papers, blog posts, industry influencer articles etc.) related to your industry, your company, your products and their benefits. We provide you with actionable insights on utilizing the power of SEO and social media in targeting the right audience and creating a buzz in your target audience about your brand.


These are just a few of the ideas we have. Contact us to know in detail how we can help you increase your profits.

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